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The captivating magic of Ibiza weddings by Bliss Ibiza Wedding Planner

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Our inspiration from the core

Ibiza's wedding and event scene is flourishing with grandeur and grace. If you’re looking for the ultimate wedding inspiration, look no further – your dream Ibiza wedding is well within reach, with a wide range of beautiful venues and ceremony options. 

We also have exceptional wedding styling, expert and leading industry professionals, extraordinary entertainment options, global culinary masters, and internationally acclaimed photographers and videographers at your disposal. 

The island of Ibiza is a blissful paradise that will leave an everlasting mark on your special day. If you're looking for an unforgettable experience that exceeds the norm, join us to glimpse the magic Ibiza weddings can offer.

For breathtaking bespoke love stories

From Dreams to Reality


For breathtaking bespoke love stories

Your Dream Wedding Venue in Ibiza

An infinity of wedding venues

One thing is for sure - the perfect Ibiza wedding venue awaits. Our idyllic island offers an array of venues that meet couples' dreams, each offering its unique masterpiece, as evident as the love stories they celebrate.

Of course, plenty of mesmerising beachfront settings exist, such as being perched on a clifftop overlooking Sol d'en Serra Bay at Amante or a dreamy clifftop wedding like Hacienda Na Xamena. Or, if blue seas are not your thing, then why not exchange vows in a romantic courtyard surrounded by lush gardens and the charm of a traditional farm – or the style of Atzaro Agroturismo with a harmonious blend of rustic charm and contemporary elegance, creating a tranquil and luxurious atmosphere amidst the island's natural beauty.

Others may desire a venue with bohemian sophistication to embrace the island's vibrant spirit or a timeless romantic venue like Sa Capella.
Many of our couples value privacy so we they choose villas that offer not only a privacy but the flexibility of trailoring every little details to their wishes and needs. Those weddings usually last for days and villas often serve as a post wedding location for a pool party.
The truth is, the variety of Ibiza wedding venues is seemingly endless, whether you are searching for a luxury hotel, an ultra-modern wedding villa, an authentic and rustic location, or a vintage affair.

Your Perfect Wedding Ceremony in Ibiza

A breathtaking backdrop for the beginning of your love story

Like wedding venues, ceremonies come in a variety of styles and options. What used to be one-size-fits-all is now becoming more and more bespoke and personalised where ceremonies are concerned.

No matter what, your Ibiza ceremony will be the first chapter of your love story that is guaranteed to be etched against a backdrop of breathtaking beauty.

In the enchanting landscape of Ibiza, where the Mediterranean air whispers romance, choosing the right ceremony type and location is a pivotal step in creating your dream wedding. Whether you opt for a civil, religious, or symbolic ceremony that allows for more personalisation, Ibiza offers a range of stunning locations. From sun-kissed beaches and clifftops to picturesque white traditional churches, swimming pools, lush gardens, woodlands and more –– there’s plenty on offer. Moreover, if you're the eccentric type who wants to make it entirely your own, we're ready! As your chosen luxury wedding planner in Ibiza, we will make your ceremony vision come to life better than you imagined. 

Ibiza's Wedding Stylists, Floral designers and Artists

Designing Your Dream Wedding

It's no secret that Ibiza is home to expert designers and wedding stylists. Our wedding design specialists are a treasure trove of creativity and beauty, keeping up with modern trends, promoting sustainability, and leveraging local inspirations.

Although trends can vary based on personal preferences, cultural influences, and location-specific differences, you'll find plenty of modern-contemporary inspiration in Ibiza. Everything from locally cultivated and globally sourced blooms, bursts of colour, fragrant elements, exclusive furnishings, rugs, fabrics, textiles, centrepieces, arches, chandeliers, lanterns and tablescaping designs becomes a tapestry of creativity that perfectly blends with the island's natural beauty. 

As an integral part of the styling process and as expert Ibiza event planners, we conduct extensive research, exchange continuous communication, and make constant adjustments. Our team actively engages vendors and rental services that meet your specific needs and always pay attention to finer details often overlooked, such as stunning glassware or tableware. Whether it's cutlery, vases, or underplates, every detail of the table setting contributes to its coherence and brilliance.

Even the stationery holds a special place in our wedding designs. We believe in welcoming guests with a personalised touch, including elements like a welcome board, menus at the bar, table menus, seating charts, name tags, and creative art pieces. Incorporating fun slogans throughout the celebration can add a playful and enjoyable touch to the wedding experience.

Lighting is another area we are passionate about in the enchanting realm of wedding decor. From fairy lights that weave their magic in diverse forms, adorning ceilings, gracing tunnels, and even mimicking the appearance of suspended fabric –– to hanging lamps exuding boho vibes and the timeless allure of classical chandeliers that add a touch of exclusivity. The magic doesn't stop there either — magical projections on trees, walls, and rocks can transform the evening into a spectacle that elicits awe and sets the stage for an extraordinary wedding experience.

Ibiza’s Wedding Photographers and Videographers

Capturing the Essence of Your Ibiza Wedding

A superb photographer and videographer is the key to capturing the essence of an Ibiza wedding where the landscape is as enchanting as the romance. Your goal should be to find someone who can evoke the heart of your special day, whether you choose a local or an international professional.

Our photographers and videographers are often internationally acclaimed, possess a keen eye for Ibiza's majesty, give every photo a touch of soul, encapsulate great storytelling, and achieve the ability to freeze moments in time. 

With an emphasis on capturing the emotional essence of your special day, each of our photographers and videographers offers a unique portfolio and testament to their artistry. Depending on your preference, you can choose elegance, cinematic allure, vintage flair, signature sophistication, timeless charm, bohemian vibes or a unique style that aligns with your vision. Current trends focus on stylish videography with a strong emphasis on timeless film shots, cinematic videos, fine art, retro film and fashion documentary styles.

Ibiza’s Top Wedding Caterers, Confectionary and Cake Designers

Catering Delights for Your Ibiza Wedding

Your wedding feast becomes a culinary odyssey in Ibiza.

The island boasts an array of local catering services specialising in Mediterranean and global cuisine, fine dining, the freshest local seafood, sizzling Argentinian BBQs, aromatic paellas, and a delightful array of food stations for your wedding menu. Our caterers use local produce, promise sustainability, and skillfully utilise the abundance of local veggies, fruits, herbs, fresh seafood, and meats that the island offers.

With signature cocktails and exceptional wines sourced from Europe's most incredible regions and beyond, their passion for food and hospitality is evident. Their gastronomic experience leaves a lasting impression as top-notch wedding providers that weave together flavours and services as vibrant as the island itself. 

In addition to these exceptional catering services, Ibiza boasts pastry chefs who extend beyond crafting desserts—they create edible art. From delightful sweet buffets to awe-inspiring wedding cakes, these confectionery artisans add sweetness and visual delight to every celebration.

Each catering and confectionary service in Ibiza brings its unique flair to the table, transforming your wedding menu into a culinary masterpiece. As the sun sets over the Mediterranean, your guests will savour every moment of a gastronomic journey, where the dishes, service, and banquet display all become an integral part of your celebration, creating memories that linger in the hearts and taste buds of all who attend.

Vibrant Music and Unique Performances for Your Wedding Entertainment

Ibiza’s renowned music status and diverse entertainment

Any Ibiza event planner will tell you that our island has an epic music and entertainment scene. Our artists create a playlist and symphony that captures the island's infectious energy – whether from local musicians with soulful sounds or the energy of Ibiza's world-renowned electronic DJs.

The entertainment provision for weddings and events is also equally impressive. You'll surely be wowed by the diverse and vibrant entertainment, from Flamenco Dancers to passionate and expressive fire performances, artists, actors, magicians, and light shows.

Ibiza Wedding Dresses

Add Ibiza's free-spirited charm to your bridal couture

The number of wedding dress designers on the island is impressive, even though brides rarely realise they can pick their wedding gowns here in Ibiza.

You'll find plenty of suitable lightweight feminine wedding dresses and a treasure trove of inspiration in any boutique in Ibiza. Also, many accessory designers create amazing pieces, including flower crowns, statement earrings, and beaded anklets, to add a touch of Ibiza's free-spirited charm to your wedding outfit. Don’t worry if you don’t know where to start! As your chosen luxury wedding planner in Ibiza, we’ll point you in the right direction towards some of the island’s finest designers. 

Creating a comfortable stay

Accommodations and Transportation for Your Ibiza Wedding Guests

Ibiza accommodates all budget sizes and groups and is one of the top destinations for European tourists.

We have a wide selection of accommodations, including luxury upscale hotels and resorts, private villas that capture the charm of Ibiza, boutique hotels nestled in picturesque locations, charming retreats, and group rates. All these options allow your guests to be close to one another, unwind, and make the most of their time on the island.

Taxis and private transportation are also highly reliable and efficient in Ibiza. The right transportation coverage is crucial to planning a destination wedding in Ibiza - especially if you want to add a little extravagance and style.

Wedding Car Inspiration in Ibiza

Arrive in style

Ibiza's vibrant and versatile mood lends itself well to various stylish cars.

Weddings can be complemented with a convertible vintage VW Beetle or a Mustang, bringing retro charm to your day. A beach buggy, retro electric Mehari, boho camper van or a vintage 2CV may be perfect for capturing the essence of the island's culture and distinct charm. You may prefer a luxury Mercedes or a classic car for that regal and elegant appeal. A Jeep Wrangler is also a great choice if you prefer something more rugged and adventurous. Whatever your style, Ibiza has you covered. And, if it's not available on the island, we'll get it from the mainland. 

Remember, your chosen vehicle should be practical for your wedding venues and locations. Choose an option that reflects your style and adds that special touch to your Ibiza wedding day.

From Dreams to Reality

Everything is possible with Bliss Ibiza Wedding Planner

We create innovative and contemporary weddings and events alongside top providers to create beautiful concepts for all our clients.

Every couple is unique, so every detail should be personally designed, tailored, everlasting, distinctive, and unforgettable.

We would love to help create your exclusive wedding or event – why not complete our contact form to speak to us about your vision?

We are looking forward to fulfilling your most special day. Escape the overwhelm of planning your celebration in paradise with Bliss Ibiza Wedding Planner. Please send us an email to or fill in the request form below