Music for your wedding - choices you need to make

Here are some tips we usually share with our wedding couples when it comes to planning the music for their big day. Let's dive in

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First things first, congratulations on your upcoming wedding! We know there are countless decisions to be made, so let us lend a helping hand with the music selection.

Morning Preparations

Clam down with your favorite music

Start your wedding day with your favorite morning playlist or delegate this task to your bridesmaid or bestman.

Make sure you have sound equipment and speakers set up, and don't forget to have some champagne or tea to keep things relaxed!

When the guests arrive

Welcome Drinks Music:

Choose background music or live music for a warm welcome.

Options are endless, from a string trio or duo to a ukulele, guitarist, singer, or even a saxophone or band. Music adds a nice touch throughout the day, so don't forget about it.

Time to say Yes, I do!

Ceremony Music Selection

Set the mood with gentle and romantic pre-ceremony music as guests arrive. Consider songs for various entrances and exits:
- Pre-ceremony music: Gentle and romantic tunes to settle nerves.
- Groom's entrance: A favorite song or one from the singer's repertoire.

Bridesmaids, flower girl, and page boy entrance: Choose songs to match their entrances.
- Bridal entry: Leave a moment of silence before playing the 'Aisle Song' for added anticipation.
- Signing The Register: Consider a song here, though many couples skip this part.
- Recessional Song: An upbeat, uplifting song as you leave as Husband & Wife.

Time to Celebrate Your Marriage

Aperitif - Canapés Music

Fill this time with cool background music while guests mingle. Options include live music or a string trio,

ukulele, guitarist and singer,  maybe a DJ with saxophone or a drummer? Are you more classical then maybe piano to suit your preferences. Options are endless.

Time to Sit Down and Enjoy the Meal

Reception / Dinner Music

Choose an upbeat song for the bridal party entrance, and enjoy dinner with a mellow playlist or live music like a guitarist or singer. Don’t worry too much about specific music during dinner, just enjoy the ambiance:
- Bridal Party Entrance: Choose a song to get everyone hyped and clapping along or maybe wave the napkins as per Spanish tradition. Here MC is needed to explain the deal!

- Dinner: A nice mellow playlist or live music, whatever suits the atmosphere. Most of the time a background playlist is great and for those who want to build up for a party we recommend to start with a live instrument or singer during the desserts to set the tone for the party. 
- Cake Song: A song for the cake cutting ceremony or cake show. 
- Favors Song: A song for giving favors to parents if you're doing so.

Dance Like Nobody's Watching

First Dance and Party Time

Open the dancefloor with your first dance song, whether it's performed live or played by a DJ. Its the time that you open the dancefloor. You can incorporate some cold fire strikes, light on their cameras - best to speak to the photographer about that and see what works best with the light you will have available. We add cold fire or fire walls. But that's another topic - entertainment. 

 Share special song requests for the DJ or live band to play during the party:
- Party Time: Share special song requests for the DJ or band.
- Bouquet Throwing Song: An upbeat song for this fun moment. 

Feel free to reach out with any questions or for further discussion. We're here to help make your wedding music perfect!

Meet & match! Let's get to know each other. We are looking forward to fulfil your most special day. Great thing start at a simple hello.