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Check out this whimsical Ibiza Rustic Finca Garden Soiree with Natacha and Cesar! It was an unforgettable celebration, from the dream-like setting and cocktails to the sit-down dinner, great music, and all-night-long party.

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The Couple

Natcha and Cesar love Ibiza and often come to the island for holidays.

As we explored the wishes of their big day, we understood that their vision was steeped in the essence of the Renaissance era and a whimsically wild touch.

It inspired us to craft an affair that presented a contemporary twist on an otherwise bohemian-style wedding, culminating in a garden soiree that exuded sheer elegance.

In search of the perfect setting for this unique celebration, the couple yearned for a venue that echoed the allure of a secret hidden garden — a place capable of seamlessly transporting guests into a realm of mystique and magic. It was our goal to create an enchanting setting that would serve as the first chapter of their beautiful love story.

Venue & Location

Wedding Finca in ibiza

Natcha and Cesar were enthralled to find a wedding location and venue resembling a novel-like scene with a secret hidden garden style – perfectly embodying their vision of being swept away by the natural charm of the Mediterranean.
"Our Finca Can CG was the perfect match for the couple since they wanted something beautiful, unique, and with the possibility of a long party." says Bliss Ibiza Wedding Planner

Enveloped in the allure of iconic Ibizan architecture, this farmhouse wedding villa showcases Roman-style walls, impeccably landscaped gardens, and an expansive panorama of rolling hills that extend endlessly in the background. This enchanting backdrop effortlessly set the stage for bringing Natcha and Cesar’s distinctive design and cultivated an atmosphere that was both intimate and enchanting.

Decor & Styling

Your dream Ibiza wedding

With soft and delicate floral arrangements and wedding decor, this couple opted for a dreamy, graceful, wild approach to their wedding styling. 

Natcha and Cesar selected organic pampas grass, a soft pastel palette, and spring yellows for their ceremony and venue styling. Their reception tables stood minimal in classic white with hues of lilac decorated with simple vases, naturally enhanced by the lush garden setting under the elegant bohemian parasols.

Wedding Dress

classic and fashionable

Natcha’s stunning and trending wedding gown stole the show in 2023.

With her exquisite taste, she elicited awe from her guests. The show-stopping gown offered depth, dimension, and grand elegance, featuring a bold structure and striking off-the-shoulder puff sleeves that doubled as a statement bow at the back. Unlike anything we have seen, Laetitia's style was elegant and graceful.

The Photography

Destination Wedding photographers

Natasha and Cesar thoughtfully selected a destination photographer for their extraordinary day. The photographer skillfully blended digital and film photography.

Additionally, the couple opted for a video captured with a Super8 camera to achieve a vintage aesthetic.

This dynamic duo skillfully encapsulated both the natural aspects and those more nostalgic, cinematic facets of their special day. The result was a mosaic of memories that reflected the graceful and sophisticated nature of the day.

The Wedding Cake

Sweet Corner

The couple carefully selected a stunning cake that complemented their hidden wild garden theme.

The cake was white and adorned in a modern-contemporary art style, featuring the illusion of pressed flowers in subtle organic shades of pale green, lilac, and spring yellow.

Additionally, instead of serving dessert, they chose a buffet with mini desserts available for some time, inviting guests to step away from the dance floor for a delightfully sweet treat.


from dreams to reality

The vow exchange at Natcha and Cesar’s wedding remains etched in our memories.

Every nuance of the wedding showcased the couple's unwavering dedication to putting together a unique, one-of-a-kind event. There was a sense of transcendence and grace on their special day that will not be forgotten.

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