Real Ibiza Weddings: Atzaro Agroturismo Wedding with Juliana and Pierre

Prepare to be immersed in the union of Pierre and Julianna, a love story that will effortlessly make you fall in love and capture your heart.

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In this enchanting wedding narrative, you're invited to step into the idyllic embrace of a quaint village church ceremony followed by a stylish boutique agrotourismo.

This distinctive celebration promises to quicken your heartbeat, offering inspiration that spans the spectrum from the unparalleled sea-view locale to the highly sought-after wedding venue, transcendent styling, a gown evoking every girl's dream, and photography that gracefully unfolds the event like a visual storyboard of a lifetime.

The couple

Pierre and Juliana. Intimately immersed in the couple's vision, we soon realised they captured the essence of a luxurious and modern Ibiza celebration with a local touch. A flawless blend unfolded, seamlessly merging authentic, bohemian, and contemporary trending styles.

The teamwork and creative thinking ensured this celebration was grandiose in style and a visual masterpiece that captured the couple's ideal, exceeding expectations and adding grandeur to the story.

The Wedding Venue & Location

Pierre and Julianna were captivated to find a chic local church nestled in Es Cubells, one of Ibiza's most affluent and quaint villages. Positioned atop a cliff, this charming church boasted breathtaking panoramic views of the Mediterranean Sea, creating an idyllic setting that felt nothing short of a dream.

The addition of a prestigious classic white wedding car added a touch of nostalgia and wild romance to the ceremony event, enhancing the overall experience with a timeless and enchanting ambience. 

Nestled within an expansive estate adorned with lush gardens and orchards, the chosen reception venue for Pierre & Julianna exuded poise, promising a tranquil, romantic, and immersive experience. The agrotourism establishment's agricultural essence provided a serene and picturesque backdrop for their special day, seamlessly combining traditional Ibicenco charm with modern luxury. The setup allowed for a seamless flow between different parts of the venue, whether exploring the intertwining gardens, wandering through the elegant accommodation, or celebrating at the designated banquet table. 

The Decor and Styling

Gracefully poised in pristine white and subtly complemented by an earthy colour palette –– this wedding styling and decoration only accentuated the inherent beauty of the agriturismo’s agricultural essence and seamlessly harmonised with the picturesque backdrop of the venue

It embodied a vision of timeless elegance, where the couple and the design team masterfully curated every detail, from cascading drapery to an abundance of diverse white floral varieties. Each element contributed to an atmosphere that exuded grace, adorned with an unwavering commitment to a naturally authentic aesthetic and organic bliss.

The Dress

Julianna, another 2023 bride with a discerning fashion sense, showcased her mastery of the statement sleeve wedding dress trend.

Adorned to perfection, she graced the occasion in a corset-back dress featuring intricate lace detailing, delicate embroidery, and flowing off-the-shoulder cupped sleeves with a mesh aesthetic. Each detail was carefully refined, reflecting her unique sense of style and flawless air of elegance.

The Photography

Pierre and Julianna consciously selected a wedding photography style guided by wildness, authenticity, boldness, artistry, and joy. They intended to document their wedding day in a distinctive, personal, and aesthetically pleasing manner, capturing genuine emotions and spontaneous moments as they unfolded.

This choice showcased their refined taste, opting for a sophisticated, highly curated, and fine-art photography approach—the perfect match for their idyllic wedding setting that beautifully encapsulated the essence of their unique love story. 

The Entertainment and Party Celebration

Couples who choose Ibiza for their wedding destination are often lovers of good music and parties, and this time was no different. The festivities started at the church with an organized and spirited ceremony. The festivities continued with a guitarist and singer's beautiful and soulful melodies, adding a dreamy accent to the aperitif under the palm trees. We know that the entrance to dinner sets the tone for the celebration, therefore we decided to kick things off with a few songs that got everyone on their feet.

As dessert was served, live music filled the air, signalling the start of the party. An Ibiza singer took the stage, drawing everyone to the dance floor, where a talented five-piece band kept the energy high throughout the wedding. When we moved to the Atzaro mini club we had a DJ with vocals, and the party continued until late, creating the stories with a title: what happens in Ibiza stays in Ibiza. 

Champagne Tower

The couple opted for a Champagne Tower instead of the traditional cake-cutting ceremony. This lovely moment was adorned with a decorated heart and lights in the background. As lovers of champagne, the couple couldn't resist including this iconic French wedding tradition in their Ibiza celebration. To add an extra element of fun, the couple personally poured the whole champagne tower and offered it to the guests - just before the first dance. 


Pierre and Juliana's church ceremony, luxurious fine-art agrotourism reception, and epic night party constituted a spectacular occasion. From its inception to flawless completion, the wedding demanded an exceptional blend of creativity and grandeur. Every detail was curated with thoughtful precision, guaranteeing a celebration that surpassed the ordinary, radiating elegance at every turn.

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