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A classic Private Villa Wedding and Stunning Views with Chris and Valentina. Step into a realm of awe as we proudly introduce one of our cherished private villa weddings of 2023, starring the delightful duo Chris and Valentina.

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Sea View Ibiza Wedding Villa

Perfect choice for romantic souls

Nestled in the heart of the Ibizan village of Es Cubells, this wedding extravaganza unfolds against a backdrop of magnificent panoramic Mediterranean sea views.

Get ready to be mesmerised by this captivating and luxurious wedding style – a beautiful blend of elegance, romance, and a hint of Mediterranean magic that will sweep you off your feet.

The Couple

Chris and Valentina are a beautiful couple living in Ibiza. Thefore there was no double when it came to choosing a location for their wedding.

Valentina and Chris wanted to have a beautiful and classical sea view wedding but at the same time private; therefore, a Villa Es Cubells was the perfect choice for their Ibiza wedding. As we delved into the details, it became clear that this couple's vision radiated a modern wedding aesthetic with a sprinkle of character and panache flair. 

Without hesitation, we crafted an affair that aligned with and elevated their sophisticated sensibilities, pushing the boundaries beyond the ordinary; here, grandiose styling took centre stage, evoking the essence of the occasion.

The Wedding Venue & Location

From the initiation to the grand finale, the entirety of this enchanting wedding unfolded within the confines of an exclusive modern white villa, a true embodiment of Ibiza's distinctive style. The venue soon transformed into a living work of art and a celebration of emotions, where each corner whispered tales of love, laughter, and the magic that brought this couple together.

From the chic interiors to the scenic outdoor spaces, this stunning private wedding villa served as the stage for a celebration that epitomizes a unique blend of modernity and the timeless allure of Ibiza style.

"Chris and Valentina wanted to have a dreamy view for a ceremony adorned with white flowers and greenery, adding accents of pampas to create a bit more of an Ibiza boho-chic wedding." says Bliss Ibiza Wedding Planner.

The Decor and Styling

Presenting an abundant display of avant-garde floral arrangements, ceremony arch and wedding decor, this couple stopped at no expense in fashioning a resounding statement with their wedding styling. With an unwavering commitment to class and prestige, they selected a timeless palette of classic white and organic natural green throughout.

Chris and Valentina opted for a graceful yet lavish dining experience where their romantic villa setting was embellished with white wicker chairs, fairy market lights, candles, and gold-plated tableware. Featuring an exclusive head table for the bride and groom, the ambience was an atmospheric masterpiece characterised by style and grace.

The Dress

With a keen eye for fashion, Valentina curated a bridal style that embodied natural beauty, modern glamour, and classic elegance.

Her chosen gown, graced with intricate lace detailing and delicate accents, featured fine straps that radiated attentiveness to design. Every detail was meticulously chosen, capturing her unique personality and impeccable style.

The Photography

Chris and Valentina exhibited refined taste by opting for one of the most sophisticated, highly curated, and fine-art photography forms.

This choice proved to be the perfect complement to their idyllic country setting and for capturing the essence of their love story against the iconic backdrop of Es Vedra. 

From the intimate moments of getting ready to the grand event, their chosen photography put an elevated touch into every frame. The collection boasts a fusion of artistry and emotion, making each image a treasure for generations to come.

The Wedding Cake

The couple chose a minimalist two-tier white cake adorned with a subtle design and delicate white roses to match their overall styling and theme. The choice of a simple yet sophisticated cake, accompanied by profound and memorable speeches, created an exquisite blend of visual, delectable and emotional delights.


Chris and Valentina's fine-art private villa wedding, tucked away in the heart of the Ibizan campo, was an unforgettable celebration.

From the initial spark of an idea to the flawless execution, this meticulously planned wedding demanded an unparalleled blend of creativity and opulence. Every detail was thoughtfully curated, ensuring a celebration that transcended the ordinary and into the extraordinary.

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