Real Ibiza Wedding

Get ready to be swept away at Nicole and Nigel's traditional church wedding and sea-view rooftop reception as featured in VOGUE and Tatler Magazine.

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The Couple

Nicole and Nigel's wedding plans underwent a pandemic-induced transformation. Initially dreaming of getting married in Cyprus, they faced postponement and ultimately decided on Ibiza, a place close to their hearts. As we delved deeper into their wedding vision, a seamless fusion of the sacred and scenic began to take shape.

This thoughtful design to incorporate both religious elements and picturesque scenery of Ibiza underscored the couple's commitment to creating a wedding that was as meaningful as it was visually stunning. As a reflection of their love story, the celebration combined the rich tapestry of tradition with the raw beauty of their chosen destination, ensuring an unforgettable and deeply resonant experience for everyone.

The Wedding Venue & Location

Nicole and Nigel were enchanted to discover a stylish church for their ceremony alongside a luxurious hotel wedding venue with a modern rooftop offering breathtaking sea views.

"We focused on creating a romantic and entertaining atmosphere." says Bliss Ibiza Wedding Planner

Nicole and Nigel's wedding story transcended the confines of a single taste, illustrating that tradition and modernity can coexist harmoniously. In this union, the old and the new come together gracefully, proving that the range of wedding possibilities in Ibiza is vast and limitless.

Dream like Decor and Styling

Bringing Vision to Life

Blending perfectly with their wedding venue’s reputation for a high-end experience and elegant finishes, Nicole and Nigel opted for a clean, classy and bohemian approach to their wedding styling. 

Natural elements took centre stage. Organic pampas grass and delicate blush pastel florals adorned the venue, gracing the tables and serving as exquisite centrepieces.

The choice of white tableware and elegant gold chairs further accentuated and created a delightful contrast against the backdrop of the azure blue sea and the rustic charm of the beach.

The carefully curated elements came together seamlessly, painting a picture of understated elegance that perfectly complemented the natural surroundings.

The Dress

Elegance and Style

Nicole's distinctive style and selected bridal gown was a vision of timeless beauty, modern allure and classic refinement.

Embellished with intricate lace detailing and adorned with delicate accents, the backless design, each detail of her dress spoke of sophistication and captured her unique personality for impeccable style.

The Photography

Creating Memories and Capturing Moments

Infused with creativity and versatility, Nicole and Nigel opted for a classic and clean wedding photography style.

Their preference leaned towards a plethora of cinematic black-and-white imagery, creating an atmosphere of timeless elegance. 

From the symbolic church ceremony to the sophistication of the luxury hotel rooftop venue and the exhilarating dancing that extended well into the night, this wedding photography album has produced a collection of stylish, movie-standard photos, undoubtedly destined to be cherished forever.

Wedding Cake

Champagne tower

Adding to the ambience of the cake-cutting moment, a classic champagne tower stood as a majestic companion.

The couple, orchestrating a graceful elegance, selected a minimalist two-tier white cake with a subtle design and delicate white roses. This wedding cake, accompanied by champagne, became a culinary delight and a manifestation of the couple's commitment to turning every moment into a joyous work of art.


Ibiza rooftop wedding

Months of careful planning and anticipation led to this memorable and magical moment, where promises were spoken with sincerity and love.

Nicole and Nigel's joy was palpable, infusing the ceremony and reception with genuine happiness that enveloped everyone.

Friends, family, and loved ones witnessed a vividly expressed love that transcended the words exchanged, creating a unique celebration of the couple's love and journey together.

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