Es Vedra Elopement in Ibiza

Bohemian paradise. Plan your Ibiza Elopement - Mini Wedding With Bliss Ibiza Wedding Planner

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Es vedra elopement

Bohemian paradise

The icon of a bohemian wedding in Ibiza, where free spirits find their perfect match amidst the island's natural beauty and artistic vibes.

Join us for a bohemian elopement with a breathtaking view of Es Vedra in Ibiza.

A mini wedding is an intimate affair, usually with up to 30 guests, allowing us to craft stunning settings across the island for a celebration with the closest family and friends.

This couple chose a truly bohemian style wedding with a view of Es Vedra. Typically planned no more than a year in advance, as there's ample time for preparation. For their decor, they opted for a beautiful arch adorned with pampas grass and fresh flowers, creating a beautiful fragrance. A circular arch symbolises eternity, unity, and the unending love shared between the couple. The circular shape represents the infinite bond between two people, with no beginning or end. It serves as a visual representation of the couple's commitment to each other, promising to love and support one another for eternity. Additionally, the openness of the circle signifies inclusivity and the joining of families and communities in celebration of love.

Ceremony aisle was lined with matching carpets and pampas, providing a picturesque walkway for the bride. The ceremony, conducted in Dutch, featured a beautiful singer accompanying on the guitar, adding to the magical ambiance.

After the ceremony, guests enjoyed a small aperitif with champagne and a photo session. The celebration continued at Cala Gracioneta Ibiza restaurant, where a beautiful sunset and delicious food awaited. The day began at Petunias hotel, where the bride and groom got ready. It was a magical day, fulfilling all their dreams. We love creating these beautiful love stories.


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