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Here's an exclusive look at Laetitia and Sylvian's sophisticated union and luxurious villa wedding as featured in VOGUE.

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The Couple

Laetitia and Sylvian's Ibiza Wedding Journey

Setting out on their Ibiza wedding journey, Laetitia and Sylvian decided to get married in Ibiza but did not want to wait for that moment for too long. That's why everything was organised within a half year. The busy couple did not have a chance to come to Ibiza to view the venues, but they trusted Bliuss Ibiza Wedding Planner's expertise and suggestions and chose to get married in one of our wedding villas. As we delved into the intricacies of their special day, it became clear that their personalities, vision, and wedding style resonated with classic sophistication and panache.

As a result, we orchestrated an event that not only matched but elevated their refined taste. This wasn't just a wedding; it was a dreamy fairytale unfolding in a contemporary and modern-day setting that called for a careful blend of fresh flowers, fantastic food, champagne and great entertainment to encapsulate their love story in a truly unforgettable way.

The Wedding Venue & Location

One of the most prestigious villas in Ibiza

Selecting one of the island's most prestigious villas, Laetitia and Sylvian were wowed to discover a wedding location and venue that boasted picturesque panoramic views of the island and perfectly embodied their dream ceremony across the expansive infinity pool.

"We sent the couple several villa presentations with videos, and they wasted no time deciding. They quickly fell in love with Villa Sara, making it their definite choice" Bliss Ibiza Wedding Planner.

With a chic and contemporary style, this wedding villa venue effortlessly offered numerous distinctive elements and exceptional spaces to ghost their opulent design and entertaining style.

The Decor and Styling

Laetitia and Sylvian's Lavish Wedding Decor

The Decor and Styling

Showcasing lavish and avant-garde floral arrangements and wedding decor, this couple spared no limits in making a bold statement with their styling. 

Laetitia and Sylvian opted for a classic white and pale green organic palette for the ceremony, venue decor, and reception table settings. Complemented by a lavish dining experience, their romantic garden setting was enhanced by fairy market lights, muted linens, calligraphy font menus, and carefully arranged table settings, creating trending and classy adornment.

The Dress

Leatitia Luxury Wedding Dress

Laetitia mesmerised her guests with her breathtaking beauty.

A flawless blend of divinity and femininity, Laetitia's wedding dress showcased a timeless embroidered bodice, a graceful long tail, and sophisticated statement shoulder sleeves. Ensembled effortlessly, Laetitia created a show-stopping effect, leaving an indelible impression of elegance and astonishment on both her groom and guests.

The Photography

two photographer better then one

Why settle for just one photographer when you can elevate your memories with the distinct perspectives of two? Laetitia and Sylvian made a deliberate choice by selecting two photographers, each with a unique style, to capture the multifaceted essence of their special day skillfully. 

This dynamic duo of wedding photographers ensured that every moment, from the intimate to the grand, was embraced through their individual lenses, enriching the narrative and creating a tapestry of memories that reflected the depth and richness of the occasion.

The Wedding Cake

White-on-white wedding cake

Laetitia and Sylvian chose an exquisite eight-tier wedding cake with a white-on-white design. This culinary masterpiece was adorned with cascading white roses, epitomising grand visual delight. 

The meticulous details and floral embellishments added a touch of splendour to the centrepiece, making it a delightful treat for the taste buds and a stunning focal point that embodied the essence of the joyous occasion.


Happy End

We'll never forget the wedding of Laetitia and Sylvian, marked by an exchange of vows that was unmatched in sophistication.

From the intricate details to the refined elegance permeating the event, this union spoke volumes about the couple's commitment to creating a momentous occasion. All who witnessed this union were left with an everlasting impression of a special day filled with emotion and poise.

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